// Here at Rockets and Rascals our Cafe team have been innovating, exploring and getting creative in the kitchen since the doors opened in 2014. Using local suppliers our aim is to seduce you with the tastiest food, cakes, juices and smoothies to keep you fuelled and eating healthy. You'll find our fridges stocked full of a large selection of home made cakes, vegan, gluten free and fully indulgent treats for those not so healthy days! Be it Breakfast or lunch we can prepare you something fresh and tasty to eat within the vibrant cafe or if you in rush we can box it up to take away. We try to keep it healthy with an ever changing array of super food salads and our infamous Vitality Box which is a takeaway favourite. Working closely with the South Coast Roast Roastry, not only to provide us with beautifully roasted beans but they also continuously work along side us offering expert guidance on the best way to insure we serve our coffee at its best every time. Striving to have a selection of the best coffee available we introduce a guest bean which is locally roasted every month sitting along side our standard bean. Whether your re-fuelling on a ride, having a business lunch or relaxing with friends your guaranteed a welcoming and friendly atmosphere every time.

// South Coast Roast - Roastry

A little about us:
"We are South Coast Roast, a Bournemouth based roaster born out of our Boscombe and Bournemouth cafes and love for making and serving delicious coffee! We strive to be roasters that we would want to buy coffee from - passionate about making great tasting beans, but also there to help with service and training to make sure our customers are educated and enthusiastic and proud of every cup! We do our best to be green, by keeping all our wholesale coffee in reusable buckets and delivering them on our Omnium cargo bike (any excuse for a ride)!"

 // Bakehouse 24

BakeHouse24 is an artisan bakery specialising in traditional sourdough methods to produce the finest breads, pastries and cakes.

We are passionate about baking, and pride ourselves on producing delicious baked goods of exceptional quality, using locally sourced and organic ingredients. We work closely with local suppliers to ensure our ingredients are ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

A graduate of one of London’s finest bakeries, Bakehouse24’s head baker Pete returns to his hometown alongside his partner Jo, to bring their expertise and delicious fare to the people of Ringwood.

// Dark Matters 

Ever had a brownie craving so dizzying that you can think of little else, but when the moment finally comes to indulge the object of your chocolate-based affection is, well, frankly a little bit rubbish…? Yep, me too.

Dark Matters was born from my quest for the Perfect Brownie, a quest I take very seriously with the notes and the extra pounds to prove it. As well as being a long-time brownie aficionado, I’m also a baker, and know that most shop bought, mass produced brownies are super high in sugar (containing very little actual chocolate), which only serves to give us a sugar-buzz, instead of a chocolate-fix, and can leave you feeling pretty cheated.

We developed all our gorgeous gourmet brownies so the Number One ingredient is lots of awesome chocolate, rather than tonnes of sugar. The chocolate we use is the dark stuff, with at least 70% cocoa content, which we compliment with dark brown muscovado sugar and a handful of other lovely ingredients that go on to create our jaw-droppingly awesome brownies, and give you lot the Brownie Fix you’ve been longing for!

Experience a better brownie…visit our Shop or Find Us around the South West 

Gemma x

Cafe Opening hours //

0800 - 1600 Monday to Friday

0800 - 1700 Saturday

0900 - 1600 Sunday

Well behaved dogs and children are welcome.

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