Workshop Nights

// Learn what you need to know from a World Cup Race Mechanic

Sometimes the synergy of having a great venue and a great workshop come together, our workshop nights are just those occasions.

Jon & Martyn lead the way as we show you how to come unstuck in a whole host of sticky situations that you could find yourself in both on the road or out on the trail. We'll guide you through not only how to be prepared but also how to fix common problems from punctures to a broken chain. We'll share some great emergency tips to get you out of a real pickle and we welcome questions along the way.

If you have a group of 6 or more friends that would like a private group then just pop in the shop or email Maybe you know how to fix that flat and put that chain back on and would like to master the art of gear set up or maybe you realised its about time you knew what all those coloured knobs do on your suspension forks! Not a problem, just get in touch.

// Next Session - Watch this space 

Ticket price £20, 20 places maximum. Includes beer!

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