Toast and Toppings – with house spreads 3.00

(Sourdough bread fresh from BakeHouse 24 Ringwood)

Superfood Toasts – served on sourdough

Avocado chilli seeds lime and sea salt vg

Peanut butter chia-jam banana vg

Hummus/ avocado and kale 5.00 vg

Granola (vg) (gf )

Homemade salted caramel granola. Served with yoghurt and fruit compote 5.00

With Milk or Almond Milk  4.50                      

Breakfast Burrito 6.50

Scrambled eggs with spinach & feta v

Scrambled eggs, with bacon & cheddar

Breakfast Sandwiches

Bacon on toasted sourdough 5.00                        

Bacon, avocado and tomato 6.50                                                                

Halloumi, Roasted pepper and guacamole 6.50 v

Cheese and tomato croissant 4.00 v

Ham and cheese croissant   4.00

Smoothie Bowls 6.00 vg gf

Acai –Mixed berries, Acai & banana, topped with granola & fresh fruit

Tropical Avocado, Mango, apple, spinach and matcha topped with fresh fruit & coconut

Wraps and Bowls   - served in a tortilla wrap 1/2 or whole, or as a salad. Gluten free options available 4.00/6.50

Rainbow– Ruby Rose slaw with raw carrot, beets, orange & lime juice, mixed leaves and hummus of the day. vg

Pesto- Chicken breast in a basil mayo, grated carrot &mixed leaves  

Sourdough Toasties & Sandwiches-

Check boards for today’s specials 6.50

 Salads- we create new salads daily check the boards 4.00 side full 6.50 v

 Super-food Salad- 6.50

Mixed leaves, roast veggies, and raw slaw topped with mixed seeds vg


Our colourful and creative special of the week always lovely always vegan  6.50

A mixture of three of our salads vg

Extras - Sides - Halloumi, Guacamole - 1.50

Specials we love mixing it up and trying new things –check the fridges and boards. We create new dishes practically every day

 Superfood Smoothies 4.50

Iron Man-

Dates, banana, tahini & almond milk

Green Goddess-

Mango, spinach, cold pressed apple juice & avocado

Matcha Magic-

Banana, mango, pressed apple ,kale & matcha powder

Mango Lassi -

Mango , yoghurt &apple juice                                

Blue avocado –

Blueberries, avocado, coconut water & spinach

Kids Smoothies 3.50

Banana boost - banana and apple juice

Chocolate monkey – banana , cocoa and peanut butter

Blueberry boost – blueberry banana almond milk


Cold Pressed Juices 4.00

Celery, apple, lime & mint

Carrot, apple & ginger

Beet, apple & lime

Juice of the day- always seasonal, always lovely

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0800 - 1600 Monday to Friday

0800 - 1800 Saturday

0900 - 1600 Sunday

Well behaved dogs and children are welcome.

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